Things that I love…and hope to continue to love in 2009.


1) People…yes this year brought some interesting opportunities into my life to be with some beautiful people.  I am in a minsitry setting that am able to hang out with some of the most caring, intellegent, and spirited youth Kansas City has to offer.  I also work on a staff that is full of people that honestly care about what is going on in my life and want to do the best for the community that we find ourselves in (though our community really needs to keep on thinking about changing the name).  My friends are becoming an ever diverse group of people that constanlty inspire me to do something more with my time and energy.  I am blessed to be surrounded by people that I feel truly care, thanks friends from around the globe!  And my family grew in size over and over and over….my sister had a baby (Gage…is probably one of the chubbiest babies I have ever him to death)  My brother got married (Anne I know you don’t read this…but you navigate Zeiglerdom like no one I have ever seen)  With the marriage I was honored to become step-uncle to two amazing kids (Colby and Ali…you guys are nuts…and that is why I love you) and My brother and Anne just had another baby (Baby Creighton…although you can’t read I love you duder)

2)  This was the year of footy pajamas!  OH MY GOSH!  so in the past I have attempted some interesting fashion choices…but this year in the world of Justin was all about the footy pj’s…nothing says “I want to be fully comfortable at all times” like a pair of footies!

3) Theology…Yeah!  I flipping loved it this year…Professors Chun and Howell forced me to reach in and wrestle with some tough stuff this year.  I was introduced to process theology which pretty much made want scream from the mountain tops “YESS!!!  FINALLY PEOPLE WRITE WHAT I THINK” (actually they have been writting it for years…i am just egocentric and decided it was all about me).  So yeah…I am a person in process, God is a God in process, and everthing is constanly changing.

4)  I don’t know…I have a hope for the future.  I don’t know what my ministry will look like…awesome.  I don’t know where I am going to live…even better.  I don’t know who will enter into this process with me in the future…who cares.  I do know that I am on the right track…I am following my call, learning what I think I am supposed to be learning right now, loving who I am (for the most part…there is still a few things to work on)  All in all…life is gee golly whiz swell.

With that I think I will sign off of this new year blog extravamaganza!


peace and love