I think conversations with people are the best ways to clarify what we think what we think…in talking to most people I would hope that they realize that what I say today may not be what I think tomorrow.  But in a recent conversation I realized that something…theology matters.  Yeah I know that as a person in ministry and a seminarian this should be simple, but it is something I forgot.    I often look at my friends around the world and country who do amazing work and beautiful things and worry that my studying theology doesn’t really  do much to change the way that the world is.   In light of my feelings I was suprised to realize that I do think that theology does matter.  I know that they are thoughts and feelings and no one can truly know what or who God is…but what you think about God is important.  It is important how you view the one who is constanly calling us into life, because how you view God affects how you  act  in this world.  If we feel that God doesn’t care or love what would guide us into loving actions of justice and peace?  If we feel and think that God is black and white, why would be strive to be with the other and learn from what they have to say?  If we think that God is hateful and vengeful, what stops us from violent actions and hate towards our brothers and sisters?  Even something as simple as if someone sees God as a man (which is more prevelant then I would have thought) then what stops that person from disrespecting our sisters in the world?  What we think has a direct impact on how we act and who we become, there is no distinciton.  When people say that what  they believe has not direct effect on others, I am sorry I don’t agree.   This is why open conversation is vital to our  lives as christians (sorry that is my specifi lens, christian, so that is what I am going to use).  In open conversation we can find our own thought patterns and the patterns of others and begin to challange one another to break certain thought patterns and grow others.  In community we see how our theology affects other people.  So , what you think does matter.  What you do does matter.  Who you are matters..,….so think carefully and act lovingly.