Today I was asked to donate blood to the Red Cross…good idea right?   I am so glad that people are willing to share that gift with other people, but what about those who can’t give.  One of the requirements for giving blood is that ,as a man , someone can never have had sex with another man, and as a woman , they can never have had sex with a man who has had sex with a man.  This is quite clearly because of the history of AIDS and it’s connection with homosexual male sex.  Is this a homophobic practice?  Is it fair to tell all men that have had sex with other men that they are no longer safe to give blood, that because of who they are the are likely to have infected blood.  When looking at the statistics the bigger indication that one would have AIDS is their race.  I am not saying that African American people shouldn’t give blood, I would say that this is racist, so why is it  ok to do that to gay  men?  Women are also more likely to have AIDS then men…so shouldn’t they be looked at more closely, poor people are more likely, are we going to take incom levels before giving blood?  So my question as a Christian is how am I supposed to respond to  this…I don’t know.  As a person who can give blood is it my  job to stand in solidarity  with those who can’t and refuse, or am I called to give blood but continue to raise the issue, what is God calling me to do?  I don’t know.  I know that I consider the practice homophobic, I know that as a United Methodist I uphold the ideology that all people are made with an inherent sacred worth.  I know that God calls us to act justly…so  what is just in this situation.   Can I give blood when I know that so many of my friends can’t, is it more important to stand in solidarity with people who are being unfairly singled out,  or give blood so that someone else can find healing?