When was the last time you drove past a billboard…any billboard and thought “you are right, I agree with you, now my life has changed” probably never.  I get it that many people are passionate about the abortion issue, but I have a problem with “choose life” billboards.  my favorites are as follows

1) “choose life you mom did”…yeah well my mom also wears t-shirts with kitties on them and I am not doing that anytime soon…unless it looks cute on me then I will have to think about it.  What if “your mom” has had an abortion, then that statement would be false.  Now put yourself in the shoes of the mother.  Those are really life giving words to read on the side of the highway..or not.

2)”Babies are gifts”(a picture of a baby with a bow on it)-first of all that is tacky.  second of all not all people are in the situation to claim the pregnancy as a gift for whatever reason.  We don’t know the cirumstances of peoples lives and choices.  Yes I affirm life, but I don’t affirm telling other people what they have to view as a gift…even if you are the governor of Alaska (who somehow lost the Miss Alaska pageant).

3)”Abortion is Murder”-At least this one isn’t cutesy…it is just mean.  It is oversimplified black and white, and there is no gray here…that is the problem.  Also if you are going to be “pro-life” then maybe you should be thinking about whether or not what you say to thousands of motorists is life giving or not.  Maybe you should think about all the women who have to see that everyday and the way what it reminds them of, the pain that goes along with that.  You don’t think that they suffer enough that they have to see it in giant print????  Well I am sorry but I disagree!

Whether you are pro or anti choice I don’t care, but don’t harass motorists with your beliefs…it isn’t very pro-life of you.

Justy wayne