Apparently I am “lazy” when it comes to blogging.  I disagree…some of us talk to real people on a regular basis and don’t have time to blog.   But since my public seems to demand it.

I have been hearing/reading a lot this summer about “conservative people are blah, blah, blah” (enter in your own words for blah, blah, blah).  As someone who rarely gets categorized as conservative I have to say that even I am a little tired about this.  I get it,  lots of people don’t agree with them, and I get that it is annoying when people do dumb things in the name of christianity, it takes others a long time to fix what they have done… I have multiple friends who I would consider conservative narrow minded people.  But how can we begin to heal and change if we sit and just point fingers at one another, what if we really tried to just see hope in oneanother.  I know that you will probably say “there is just no changing some people…even if you try you can’t change them”…being a defeatist never helped any situation.  What I am trying to say, stand up and speak your mind yes, and then get over yourself long enough to be in a relationship with someone, maybe someone you consider to be an arrogant conservative jerk.  I am pretty sure that is the only way that it is going to get better.  When someone has a human face to go along with a group of people it is harder for that person to be prejudiced towards that group of people, when someone actually feels listened to and cared for maybe they will grow in faith and love, maybe it is time for the progressive part of our world to take a stand and be models for others and show love and compassion.  Or maybe we are all just screwed and should just stop trying?  I don’t think so.