Ok…I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith yesterday and was disturbed with my initial reaction to the film.  I have seen the movie before and had the same feelings the last time that I watched it.   Why is violence sexy?  If you haven’t seen the film…two assasins find out that that they have been married to one another for 6 years without knowing that either of them was an assasin.  At one point in the movie they are attempting to kill each other wich blows up into a full out hardcore action movie brawl in the middle of the movie…this is of course causes them to become fully arroused and then they make wild passionate love in the wreckage that is their house.  So why is violence so sexy?  Why is it attractive that these people are trying to kill one another and then wind up having sex?  Does this mentality justify sexual and physical violence in relationships…does it tell people that secretly people want it and then it justifies sexual violence.  Or is it different because both characters in these scenes were on an equal power footing.  Or is it possible to be equal in power in violence???  Does violence mean that one person has to have power over the other person? 

 In discussing it with other people I have then had to come to questions about people who are arroused by pain.  I think of myself as a pretty open and accepting person when it comes to others sexuality and what they find arrousing…but I don’t know if s&m behavior is all around healthy..or is it?  The people are consenting, so in that way it is fine…but what does it mean when we need physical harm to feel something, is it healthy to want pain in order to heighten the pleasure of sex?  Is this turning sex into something that it shouldn’t be?  But I guess who am I to say what sex should or should not be.  I have no clue, just some of my thoughts today.