Hey all…ok sorry I have been absent from the blogging world lately.

Something that has been bugging me a lot lately is the idea of close minded liberalism.  The set of mind where as people who claim to fit into the category of “liberal”, whatever that really means, become close minded to ideas, thoughts, and feelings of people in the other end of the political, theological, social, any other spectrum. 

Is it possible for us as human beings to honestly meet the other where they are and begin to see their point and not cling so tightly to our own.  I used to think so, but lately I haven’t seen a lot of that happening.  I haven’t seen enough of it in myself or in other people, and the funny thing is that I tend to spend a lot of time around people that most would consider progressive.  Can a person really be progressive and not listen to the words and feelings of the people that they disagree with?  I think that this is what my christian faith is calling me to, to attempt to see God in “the other”.  To know that there really is no other, but honestly it is getting harder and harder for me to honestly say that I respect and listen to what other people are saying when they are seemingly so different from the ways that I feel or think.  I try my best, but I am scared that I am becoming a close minded progressive. 

In conversations I tend to hear what other people say, and then I begin to form my argument against what they have said…I don’t think that this what is meant by being in healthy community with one another.  How do I fix this?   The weird thing is that I know that it is wrong, and I would be upset at other people if they did it to me…I also claim to be a good listener…hmm…not so much.  How am I supposed to grow as a person if I can’t hear and learn what other people are saying and feeling and experiencing?  So if you catch me being a close minded progressive please slap me and let me know that I am being dumb.  I thank you in advance.